Global Leaders Congress 2011

Global Leaders Congress: Liverpool, 11-14 September 2011

Under the Patronage of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Mrs Cherie Blair

Building on the great success of its Emergency Global Leaders Congress in February 2009, Rights and Humanity held its next Congress to prompt global solutions to global challenges. Below is the initial Call for Action for the meeting and a report-update of the Congress, 'Success of GLC 2011', can be found in the main menu to the left of the page.


A Call for Action

The world is at a critical junction as it grapples with the crises of climate change, natural disasters of unprecedented size and increasing water, food and energy scarcity compounded by the fallout of the global financial crisis. It is now more urgent than ever that people of goodwill from every sector – public, private and civil society - work together in mutual respect, building on opportunities raised by fresh analysis, innovative work and new technologies. Like the Chinese symbol wei ji, which comprises symbols for both danger and a crucial point, crisis often provides an opportunity.

Globally recognised human rights law and our common humanity - the values and responsibilities shared across faiths and cultures - provide a legal framework and moral compass for ensuring a just and sustainable world. Rights and Humanity’s Global Leaders Congress 2011, “Global Solutions to Global Challenges: Think, Unite, Act” is an urgent Call for Action. Its aim is to create and support a Global Community for Rights and Humanity, bringing together as Founding Members thought leaders and innovators committed to shifting the human trajectory towards a harmonious and sustainable world.

The Congress will rise to the global challenges of our time. This action-orientated working meeting will:
• articulate the benefits of a human rights approach and the importance of ethics and responsibilities at all levels of governance and society and demonstrate how innovative ideas are contributing to a just and sustainable world - Think
• build partnerships between the public, private and civil society sectors to develop solutions to critical existing and emerging concerns and identify common strategies for health and development, peace and security and environmental sustainability - Unite
• inspire, inform and empower Founding Members of the Global Community for Rights and Humanity to develop initiatives for joint action and encourage others to strengthen their contribution within their own spheres of influence in public policy, corporate, professional and daily life - Act.

Rights and Humanity is bringing together a community of leaders from public, private, and civil society sectors who are committed to global progress through the realisation of human rights and responsibilities. At Rights and Humanity’s Global Leaders Congress, leaders from all levels of society will be inspired, informed, and empowered to act collectively and within their individual spheres of influence. The aim of the Congress is to share experience, identify best practice, and adopt strategies for action for the realisation of human rights and responsibilities as a legal framework and moral compass for solutions to global challenges.

An Exhibition area and Poster Display will provide an opportunity to showcase best practice. In short, the Congress will foster progress and encourage new partnerships.

Some of our key objectives are to:

1. Articulate the human rights and responsibilities paradigm and its benefits as a legal framework and moral compass for achieving justice, peace, and sustainable development.
2. Inspire delegates through visionary speakers;  inform in an exchange of practical experience of utilisation of the human rights and responsibilities paradigm; and empower them to strengthen their contribution within their spheres of influence in public policy, corporate, professional, and daily life through “how to” workshops and case studies.
3. Think in detail about the practical implementation of the human rights/responsibilities paradigm; demonstrate the practical application of this paradigm within public, corporate, and civil society and identify actions that can be taken individually and collectively.

We have chosen to hold the Congress on the 12th - 14th September, allowing us to mark the 10th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. We are holding a memorial service on Saturday 11th September 2011 at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. This will be followed by two days of global keynote speakers and workshops at the Royal Liver Building. Fittingly, a major theme of the Congress will be the protection of human rights in the context of security.

We are inviting submissions which propose new thinking or demonstrate innovative practices to be considered for inclusion in the Congress programme.

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Please download the Global Leaders Congress leaflet

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